About Tomate Design

We are a compact natively bilingual Scottish / Méxicana Graphic Design company in central México with a global reach and international client base. We work with established and emerging businesses, bringing our decades of experience with household names to transform their brand identity in ways expected from much larger studios.

We don’t view our work as simply design, when we produce a brochure, website or logo, we’re providing you with a new member of your business team, one whose focus, like ours, is towards a relationship of successful longevity.

Why we're called Tomate

To clarify, it's pronounced Tom-ah-tay and is Spanish for Tomato. With our business origins being Méxican and Scottish the name fits well, as the broad Scots pronunciation of tomato is similar to the name in Spanish.

Now, consider the tomato. Versatile and varied, whether raw in a salad or a sandwich, cooked for sauces, stews, curry or soups, green, yellow, red, small or large, the humble tomato is open to any number of uses and appearances, just as we are in the range of design services we provide and the types of client we provide them for. We look forward to adding you to that extensive list.

P.S. We also grow a lot of tomatos.

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